Comet Line

The veneered doors from the line can be entirely adjusted to the interior of your apartment.
Different veneer varieties can be matched with decorative glass and intarsia of your choice; they ensure harmony which reflects your taste, way and style of life. Comet Doors are available also without decorative glass and intarsia.

Veneers: Oak, Beech, Ash, Cherry, Maple.
Options of intarsia available: nature, dark brown, blue and dark blue bird maple.
Options of decorative glass available: green, red and blue.

comet1  comet5  comet6  comet8


CPL Flush Doors

The CPL interior doors are distinguished by the colour and structural balance, high mechanical physical lesions resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance. Because of their extraordinary properties the doors are suitable for public and business spaces, hotels; we also recommend them for families with small children.

P1 CPL Beech

Sharp Edge Lath 60 mm rounded edges
Rounded Edge Lath 70 mm curved

Decor Flush Doors

Decor doors are the most price worthy, they are distinguished by the colour and structurally equal surface.     
DECOR surfaces: DECOR Oak, DECOR Beech, DECOR Cherry, DECOR White.

Sharp Edge

Lath 50 mm sharp edges
Rounded Edge Lath 60 mm rounded edges
Domino Line

Domino doors from the line will surely convince you to integrate them into your home. A wide selection of models in smooth realization in combination with different types of veneer and intarsia in the trendiest shapes give you the opportunity to create a real harmony in your home.

Domino Veneers: Oak, Beech, Ash, Cherry, Maple, Walnut (except Domino 04 and Domino 08).

domino01  domino04  domino05  domino08  domino bu1  domino hr1  domino ja  domino or

Favorit Line

The line integrates veneered doors with carved motifs which will make a great impression. The doors match every ambient, especially a modern apartment's interior. They are simple and special at the same time.

Favorit Veneers:Oak, Beech, Ash, Maple.

favorit1  favorit2  favorit3  favorit4

Flush Veneered Doors

The simplest type is the flush doors available in various veneers options and realizations. Because veneer is a natural material, deviations in colour and structure are possible. 
Veneers: Oak, Oak stained, Beech, Ash, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Walnut, Ash white, White lacquered RAL 9016.
Options available: P1 (solid), P2 (large window), P3 (small window).


  Edges of leaves Frames Frames can be made by chipboard or plywood
P1-Beech Sharp edge Lath 50 mm sharp edges Chipboard frame
P2 R12 - Mahogany Rounded Edge Lath 65mm rounded edges

Plywood frame

Record Line

The products of the Favorit line are also available in white which can easily be matched with buildings of various styles. The Rekord line presents doors in different colours with carved motifs which give these doors a special character and charm.

rekord1  rekord2  rekord3  rekord4

Royal S

ROYAL S doors are suitable for residential as well as business space.
Available possibilities: Veneers:Oak, Beech, Ash, Maple, Cherry,Walnut varnished.
Glass samples: ROYAL S Spirals Maple | ROYAL S Tiles Walnut | ROYAL S Satinato Maple | ROYAL S Arrow Walnut | ROYAL S Lines Walnut

 royal kvadrati  royal linije  royal puscice  royal satin  royal spirala

Special Realizations

The special realizations of interior doors offer more light, they connect and divide at the same time, offer a simpler and more rational arrangements and a better use of the spaces. The doors are available in all models.

posebne1  posebne2  posebne3  posebne4


Stylish Doors

The stylish doors are matched in different decorative laths, grates and fillings which enrich their appearance. They go perfectly with stylish furniture as well as furniture with smooth and even lines. They enrich the space even more with their massive outlook.

Type A: Veneers: Oak, Oak stained, Beech, Cherry, Ash, Ash white, White lacquered RAL 9016.     
Options available: P1 (solid), P3 (small window).

Type B: Veneers: Oak, Oak stained.  Options available:P1 (solid), P3 (small window).

Type E: Veneers: Oak, Oak stained, Beech, Cherry. Options available:P1 (solid), P3 (small window).

Type S: Veneers: Oak, Oak stained.Options available:P1 (solid), P3 (small window).

 ap3 jesen  bp1 hrastluzen  ep1 cesnja  rp1 bukev  rp2 bukev  sp1 hrast  sp3r6 hrast  v1p1 cesnja vipp1 bukev  vp2 bukev

Top Line

TOP LINE Doors in special realization are suitable for buildings, prestige business premises and residential suites.

They are distinguished by a straight door lines and hidden hinges which enables the streamline outlook of door leaves and door frames.
But not only the realization, the surface is also the factor which gives the doors a special outline. The beech kern, indian apple, rosewood, walnut and wenge veneers are really something special.

rojal 01 oreh javor   platin 01 wenge   fortuna 01 javor bukev   fortuna 01 bukev javor   domino 10 oreh   domino 10   palisander   domino 10 bukev kern   domino 10 indijsko jabolko


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